A Tale of The Right Place...

The decision made, a quick break was needed. The trip begins uneventful in contrast to the rest of the day. Traffic was light making the 30 minute drive into the mountains pleasant. This adventure serves the purpose of clearing the stress of another day in a long line of days, a short trip to a tucked away little pocket of rich greens and rushes of water.

A low hum, the song of the traveler, intertwines with the evening calls of insect unseen. Fewer houses give way to the rolling slopes of our little corner of the mountains. A place where the fenced yard yields to the fences of horse farms and tree lined grass fields replace a long week of heat, days baked under a June sun fade under the gentle touch of a cooling breeze. Light, soft already, softening with the passing miles, warm late afternoon light, the golden light photographers love. Good light warming all things on its way to the cool blues of evening.

Finally the gear is unpacked. Each piece checked and checked again for the adventure before me. The route chosen is along the river with it photogenic cascades. These cascades have produced in times of high water and in times when the leaves cover its gentle pools. The water nicely plays a calming lullaby for evening. A couple of butterflies playfully float above the river. Each pool is as nice as the one before. Each with signs of young life, fingerling trout slurp at my fly. The calm of the forest and the soft song of each cascade have eased the thoughts of many long days.

I decide to climb to the next pool to practice more casting. This is when I understand I am in the right place… with the wrong equipment. Before me on the sandy bank of this next pool is an array of beautiful yellow Swallowtail butterflies. The couple of this specimen seen floating above the river paled in the sight of a couple dozen swallowtails lining the ground before me. All I could do is stand leaning on a large rock with my fly rod and enjoy the scene.

… I plan to go back this weekend with the right equipment (camera, tripod, etc) and capture the images.