When Autumn Comes

Autumn by whatever name is a season to anticipate. The harvesting of the summer crops bring joy to many. For those apples we have seen growing all summer soon will soon yield the tastes of apple pies, the sweet aroma when sliced and spiced and those state and regional fair delicacies the candied and caramel apple. Each state and region celebrates for efforts of their farmers and craftsmen with the annual fair that dot the country-side. Once, these were a gathering place to display the best crops, live stock, baking, canning and crafts. Coming together to be judged and admired by friends and families. Visitors from the cities could see a part of the world not often visited. As a society is determined to move to more urbanization, our beloved institutions the fair is becoming a reflection of our trend.

Many of the regional or county fairs are replaced by "arts festivals". The remaining ones are slowly losing their agricultural and crafts roots. As these roots wither, the traditional fair is simply becoming a carnival. While the big state fairs still hold to these roots, this writer wonders how long they will survive.

The Arts Festivals provide autumn a replacement for the traditional fair. Cities host these festival to bring visitors to the heart of the city. They are a gathering of friends and families coming together to see the creations of the various artist and craftsmen. We come to sample the various specialties that restaurants and vendors offer and enjoy the live entertainment at these new fairs.

Autumn brings change for everything. Plants lay down their seeds; animals gather the bounties of natures harvest to ward off the hunger of the approaching winter. The seeds that remain await the awakening that is Spring.

Enjoy these images of autumn.

More to come...